Monday, April 23, 2007

Ricky Martin still has a nice ass!!

Thanks to my wonderful sister, I got to see Ricky Martin at the IPayOne Center last night. He is currently on his Black and White Tour. He is considering this like his "greatest hits" tour. He does have a new cd out - it's the Ricky Martin: MTV Unplugged Album version with a couple of new tracks, but mostly old stuff. It was nice to see him singing all his old stuff and not just the new stuff.

Let me backtrack a bit. You might be wondering why I'm writing about Ricky Martin. Well, to be honest, I like him. I've liked him from way back in his Menudo days. I think he is very talented and he puts on an awesome show. I have never missed a concert whenever he decides to roll into San Diego. It has become a sort of tradition for my sister and I. We even had my grandmother, aunts and cousins come with us as well. He's my musical act that I don't talk about, but secretly love. I mean people always look at me funny when I tell them I went to a Ricky Martin concert.

I like that his music appeals to all generations. The crowd last night was very diverse. San Diego and Tijuana were definitely in the house. You had your groups of girlfriends, boyfriends, boys scoping out the chics, grandmothers with their granddaughters, etc. IT was fun and funny at the same time. And yummy caramel apple slices and churros. hahahahaha

Ricky Martin took the stage at around 8:40 pm and ended around 10:15ish or so. He had that same sort of screen that dropped down like Justin Timberlake used on his tour, but I think Ricky Martin used it better. He had two parts of the stage that came out into the audience and it had a sort of treadmill on it that he would use.

I really enjoyed the concert. He did a great job working the audience. I do have to admit that at certain times, I became bored. In my opinion, I think it was in the way he presented some of his faster, more upbeat dance songs. I've seen him play his hits in so many different ways that it's interesting to see that evolution, but there's nothing like the originals.

And this time, he only had 5 costume changes. Last time I saw him, it was way more than that. And I only counted them as costume changes when he changed his bottoms, not just his shirts. I do have to admit that I liked most of his costume changes, they definitely accentuated his finer qualities. hehehe I don't care what you say, tha boy has a body, but ugly feet. hahaha

There was a short piece playing during one of his costume changes that was basically him butt-naked, but not really and he had tattoos all over his body that had specific messages in both english and spanish. He considers himself a huge humanitarian, so he uses his concerts to spread the word. This time around, partial proceeds from each ticket of the Black & White Tour was donated to support The Ricky Martin Foundation - which advocates for the well being of children around the globe in critical areas such as social justice, education and health. Learn more at The Ricky Martin Foundation
The audience oohed and awed everytime they showed a pec or an arm or a leg or an almost crotch shot, but when they showed his feet, not much noise. IT was great.

I also enjoyed watching the girls/women run by security to get closer to Ricky. The poor security could not stop this crowd. IT was funny to see. And boy was I glad it wasn't my job to have to stop them. I'm sure they would have drawn blood if it came down to it.

He played a lot of my favorite songs. I don't have a set list for you all as I was too busy looking around and laughing and talking to my sister. I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere. The sound at the IPayOne Center sucked, but that was to be expected. IT's never been any good. Ricky's dancers did a great job. They were totally high energy and working it. You saw them sweating their butts off.

I'm including his remaining tour dates.

North American Dates For Ricky Martin's Black & White Tour Are:

4/25/07 - ROSEMONT, IL - ALLSTATE ARENA (Tickets on-sale 3/10)
4/28/07 - UNCASVILLE, CT - MOHEGAN SUN ARENA (Tickets on-sale 3/10)
4/30/07 - TORONTO, ON - AIR CANADA CENTRE (Tickets on-sale 3/9)
05/01/07 - MONTREAL, QC - BELL CENTRE (Tickets on-sale 3/10)
05/04/07 - DULUTH, GA - GWINNETT CENTER (Tickets on-sale 3/17)
05/07/07 - HIDALGO, TX - DODGE ARENA (Tickets on-sale 3/23)
05/10/07 - CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - AMERICAN BANK CENTER (Tickets on-sale 3/17)
05/11/07 - LAREDO, TX - LAREDO ENTERTAINMENT CENTER (Tickets on-sale 3/23)
05/14/07 - El PASO, TX - EL PASO COUNTY COLISEUM (Tickets on-sale 3/23)
05/15/07 - GLENDALE, AZ - JOBING.COM ARENA (Tickets on-sale 3/16)
05/19/07 - MIAMI, FL - AMERICAN AIRLINES ARENA (Tickets on-sale 3/17)
05/20/07 - ORLANDO, FL - AMWAY ARENA (Tickets on-sale 3/17)

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