Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kinda Review - Playground Slap

Well, we went to the Triple Crown Pub, but we showed up late. We had to have that last bit of beer before we got there and well, you know how parking can be insane. We walked in and they were saying good bye. I was pretty bummed as this may have been their last live show - so the rumour goes. But who knows. I'm all for another show. I've seen them before and they were great to listen to and dammit, I want to hear them AGAIN! Come on Playground Slap - one more time?

I haven't been to the Triple Crown Pub in forever and I completely forgot how loud it can get in there. The second band (closer?) came on and man was it loud. The room is small, so you don't need a lot of power in there to get your point of cross. At times it was too muddy because it was so loud, you coudn't distinguish what was going on and in my opinion, it drowned out the lead singers vocals. I left after the thrid or fourth song. My poor ears couldn't handle it.

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