Saturday, April 28, 2007

Astra & Society! at Ken Club - Friday Night

After consulting SD: Dialed In, we decided to go to the Ken Club to see Society! and Astra. We also wanted to go to the Casbah to check out Transfer, and had even thought about going to both, but the cover charges to both places made our decision for us. $5 at the Ken Club, $10 at The Casbah and the Ken Club is close to home base, so it made the decision that much easier.

I went onto myspace to check out Astra because I hadn't heard of them, and I wasn't too impressed. It was very mellow and I wasn't in the mood for mellow as I was tired from my long week of very little sleep, but we went anyway. We had to give them a chance, right?

We hung out in the bar, drinking and listening to the music before Astra came on. Once on, we headed over to the other side and found us a nice little booth - big mistake. Combine the booth with the mellow music and I was ready to go to sleep by their third song. It was too mellow for my mood that night and they were more instrumental than anything. They used their vocals here and there, but not enough. I dug the sounds they created and used, but it just wasn't the right time for me.

We headed back over to the bar to grab a couple more drinks and then outside to get fresh air to wake up a bit before Society! started and I'm glad we did. It made a difference.

Found another booth up close and stayed for most of the set. They were having some sound issues that the band wasn't happy with and I think they eventually fixed, but they sounded good and loud. I can't believe how many people they had onstage! It was packed up there. There was a good turn out and people were dancing around, having a great time. There was even this little drunk boy, who eventually got kicked out, dancing with a neon green skull - very interesting. As we were leaving, we saw him stumbling around out front of the Ken Club. I'm glad we stuck around for Society! - it was good times.

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