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Heaven and Hell Tour 04-26-07 Review

Wayne's World!

This was my first Metal concert ever. And what did I do? I spent most of it in the parking lot chugging CHEAP beer with the boys.

We arrived a bit late, so we missed Machinehead, but while chugging said cheap beer, and discussing the futility of living in San Diego without an ID, Megadeath came and went.

We booked it into the Coors Ampitheater so that we wouldn't miss Heaven and Hell. Our seats were in the 300 section, so they weren't the best in the house, but we were in the center, so that had to count for something. Coors wasn't sold out, but it was packed - standing room only except for the last 6 rows. They even shut down the grass area!

The crowd was a great mix of young and old - fathers with their sons, girlfriends, boyfriends, families, people who showed up alone (got lost), groups of guys so drunk it made you laugh - you name it, you got it. I kept thinking of a scene out of Wayne's World.

After paying a measly $39 for 3 beers (THE BEST BEER I EVER HAD!), we went to our seats. Yes, you read that right, $39 for 3 beers!

We didn't wait long for Sabbath, I mean Heaven and Hell to appear. And when they did, they made a scene. I was completely enthralled with the set. It looked like an old house with gates on each side with walls of speakers behind them. The drummer's throne was in the center and it was up high. They had a screen behind them that changed depending on the set and the songs. It went from an old castle like thing, to angels in the background, to plain bricks, to the Star Trek flying through space intro looking thing. The band played their own material, but they also played a lot of Classic Black Sabbath, according to the boys I was with. They played for nearly 2 hours, which was a surprise because nowadays, you don't get to see people on stage for that long and actually do a good job. I think they would've played longer if they were allowed to.

The drummer (Vinny Appice) sometimes looked like he had wings when the light hit him at certain angles. I think it was because of the drum set-up. I've never seen a drum set like that - EVER! He had towers set up, full of cymbals and a bunch of things I don't know the names of and he even had a kick drum behind him - which he played, with sticks, standing up! What?! Yeah - his drum solo lasted like half an hour, well, not really, more like 3 minutes, but it was good.

The guitar player (Tony Iommi) was beyond great. He did a solo as well and I never once got bored. I mean he kept going and going and he was bending those strings like if they were unbreakable. I can't believe the skill this guy has. Granted, he's been playing for years, but damn...

The bass player (Geezer Butler) was good, but his sound was kind of mushy. You couldn't really hear the bass all that well. Like Adam said, "you could feel the bass, but you couldn't necessarily hear it." But he even had a solo going on, shorter than the others, but it was in there.

The vocalist was also fun to check out. Ronnie James Dio was something to see. I kept thinking "old man body in tight clothes". hahaha Don't do it! Don't do it! He was rocking in his old age and he was doing a great job. I really like his voice with the band, probably because you could still make out with he was singing!

Heaven and Hell is made up of 3 of the original Black Sabbath members -Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Vinny Appice. Dio took over vocals when Ozzy Osbourne had to go into rehab to deal with his addictions.

I'm posting the rest of their tour dates. Go check them out if you're in those cities. It's definitely money well spent.

MAY 2007
1 San Antonio, TX --- Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
2 Houston, TX --- Cynthia Woods Pavillion
3 Dallas, TX --- Nokia Theater
5 Chicago, IL --- All State Arena
6 Minneapolis, MN --- Theatre @ Target Center
8 Cincinnati, OH --- US Bank Arena
10 Philadelphia, PA --- Wachovia Arena
11 Cleveland, OH --- Tower City Amphitheatre
12 Detroit, MI --- Cobo Hall
14 Albany, NY --- Times Union Center
15 Uncasville, CT --- Mohegan Sun Arena
17 Lowell, MA --- Tsongas Arena
18 Baltimore, MD --- Merriweather Pavilion
19 Holmdell, NJ --- PNC Arts Center

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