Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fono/Swandive: Beauty Bar 04/13/07

We headed over to the Beauty Bar last night to catch both Fono and Swandive. It's been a long time since I've seen either one and I was excited to check them out, especially since our friend Ivan Hurtado joined Swandive and I kept promising I'd go see their band.

We arrived a bit late, but we got to see the last song and a half of Fono's set. I really enjoyed their sound. If I remember correctly, their sound has changed a little. They had the classic equipment onstage and that definitely made a difference soundwise. It was LOUD! It was so loud, my ear drums were about to burst! hahaha But it was clear. It wasn't muddled like most loud music tends to be. I definitely need to check out their full set next time they play. But being on time is always hard for me. hahaha

Check them out kids.. You'll love them.


So after a few drinks Swandive came on stage.. Their sound, though reminiscent of their old stuff, has a little different tweak to it. It's a little more upbeat than when I last saw them, which I loved. The musicianship on stage was great. They were all having fun and swaying around to their music - just like the crowd. I found it interesting that they incorporated a little snippet of Don't Stand So Close To Me by the Police into one of their songs. It's one of my favorite songs, so it was a nice surprise. They played a song titled Push, Pull, Choke, which I think was dedicated to their Bass player, Ivan Hurtado, but he said something about Shake and Bake, whatever that means. It was funny. It made Ivan laugh. I can definitely hear Swandive on the Big Sonic Chill. Is that still around? I need to listen to the radio a little more. hehehe

There was a $5 dollar cover and they made a killing. It was a nicely packed house. It wasn't too much so it turned you off, but it was comfortable. And the scene was reminded me of when Beauty Bar first opened. It was refreshing.

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