Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pioneer Park aka Calvary Cemetery

I was reading this weeks CityBeat and I came upon an article about Pioneer Park, which used to be Calvary Cemetery.

What weirded me out is the fact that the bodies are all still there! They just removed the headstones, which they threw over a ravine behind Mount Hope Cemetery, which are/were visible to passengers taking the trolley! It is a total scene from a movie! hahaha Taking the trolley home, you look to the left or right and what do you see - a bunch of headstones! I guess this all came to light in the 80s, so they took some of the headstones back to the "park", but didn't put them in the proper places, just off to the side and they built a memorial and what not to give the cemetery and the people buried there some recognition.

I know that there may be other cemetery's that were built over - like Old Town's, but for some reason, this freaked me out. I guess the thought of having a picnic over someone's loved one is not my sort of thing.

It was an interesting article though - check it out in this weeks CityBeat.

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