Monday, July 30, 2007

The Sundelles, Lights On @ Ken Club 07/27/07

I decided to head on over to the Ken Club on Friday. I got there around 10ish and I was surprised that the bands hadn't started. I wasn't too sure who was on first, so I hung out in the bar for the most part. Let's just say that by the time The Sundelles started playing, I was a little tipsy.

I didn't manage to head over to the other side because well, my seat was nice and comfy and the idea of walking, just wasn't sounding so good. But I was able to hear them and they sounded pretty good. They had my ears perked up, listening to them.

When Lights On took the stage, I grabbed my beer and headed over to the other side. Lights on were pretty good, but at times I thought they were too much. It seemed to crowdy and muddy in some areas. They had a decent crowd watching them and they were into the show. Granted it was 11 something when they come and people were there to drink and to listen. I took in half of their set and decided to call it a night. I really wanted to see The Swedish Models, but if I wanted to get home in a safe manner, I had to leave! haha

I'd see both bands again, The Sundelles over Lights On. And I can't wait to see The Swedish Models. Sigh. When?

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