Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Del Mar Race Track Day 1

I finally got a chance to go the the track yesterday and boy do i love to gamble! You forget these things until you're thrown right back into it. It took me a couple of beers to remember the lingo when placing bets. I mean, how are you supposed to know in what order you say the horse number, the dollar amount, and what you're betting on? haha

I ended up losing money, even though I won a couple of races. I'm just not a big better. I need to go back and play some more.

The scene at the Race Track was something else. You wonder where these people come out from. I didn't have a camera, but I wish I did. There was this "lady" walking around with some bright pink, maybe fuschia slippers! I was like woah, talk about being comfortable. And then you have your normal, fake tits, fake tans, I'm looking for a man, girls and then the boys that are after these type of girls. It was an industry event, so you know there was a ton of drinking going on. The free buffet? Yeah, it sucked. By the time I got hungry, all that was left were hot dogs. I wanted a hamburger dammit!

I plan on going back for 4 O'Clock Friday's and to place some more bets. I have to come out even, right?

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