Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Junior Metro & DJ Sophie: Wheels of the Industry at Livewire 07/09/07

The music last night at Livewire was refreshing. It was new. It was dancy. It was/is what I needed.

DJ Sophie did a great job behind the tables and her selection of music flowed in a manner that made you want to dance and forget about any issues you may be having in your life. She played a lot of music from France (French post punk/new wave), which I hadn't really heard of, but glad I did. I'm a fan. Junior Metro mixed it up with some Dub, Reggae, and of course, Post Punk. He kept the crowd moving as well. It was all seemless and it just existed. It was mellow and it was perfect. But not too mellow where you felt you couldn't dance for a song or two.

I would love to see this happen again and at different venues. I think it's important to introduce people, including myself to all styles of music. It can only influence bands to create new styles and to mix them up to bring out different types of crowds. You want a mixed crowd. Isn't the point of playing to introduce people to your music and have them bring their friends who may not like your music, but since their friend does, why shouldn't they give it a try?

I'm all for another french post punk/new wave dance party! Let me know when.

CatDirt Sez has some other additional information that was pretty interesting to read - check it out!

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CDW said...

thanks for coming out and dancing! xoxo