Friday, July 20, 2007

Fifty On Their Heels/The Corvinas @ Kadan 07 19 07

I would deem it a success.

The place was nicely crowded. I would say at least 60 people were there and some were coming in and out and plenty were drinking. I wonder how much more Kadan made last night in comparison to other Thursday nights. I'm sure they saw some sort of profit.

It's a small place, but very intimate. haha
The bands set-up near the DJ, who by the way was playing some pretty decent music. It made me want to dance several times and that was a big feat because I was absolutely dead tired and not in the best of moods.

Fifty On Their Heels went on stage first and it was a fun night. Junior was all over the place. He kept having mic problems. I mean, for some reason it just gravitated towards Junior and wanted to beat him. haha But the show went on with or without the mic's participation. There were some sound issues, but nothing that hampered the show and made me go "this sucks!" They played a new song, which I thought I heard before, but then I couldn't remember. But it was good. There are a bunch of elements to it, but it always goes back to the foundation.

I was excited to see The Corvinas, so I made myself stay instead of going home and going to bed. I was very happy I did. They were loud and they were fun. They reminded me a lot of a surfer band, garage style sort of feel. I couldn't really hear the vocals that well, don't know if that was the mic's fault, the singer's fault or just the acoustics in the place. I only had one beer and one shot, so I know I wasn't "impaired". :) But I still enjoyed them. For being a three-piece, they sure put out a lot of sound and energy.

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