Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eddie Vedder - Spreckel's Theater 04 16 08

Eddie Vedder played last night at the Spreckles Theater in San Diego, Calfornia. It was the last show of his West Coast Tour - Sniper. He played for over 2 hours and had an array of stringed instruments. He played most, if not the whole album from "Into The Wild" and at one point, he brought out a "special guest." How great was it to see Emile Hirsch on stage! He hardly played any Pearl Jam songs and the ones he did play were the more obscure songs aka, not the hits. He played 3 songs off the "Harold and Maude" soundtrack and a ton of other wonderful acoustic songs.

We all know Eddie Vedder is short, so it was crazy to see Emile standing next to Eddie and seeing that Emile is totally shorter than Eddie! Eddie looked a bit femme, but good. His hair was longish. I'm thinking he's still "in character" from the movie he is currently filming. Who knows.

Emile was on stage for two songs. One he just sort of sat there as Eddie sang a song he wrote about Sean Penn and Emile came back on stage for the last song, where he sang BACK UP! I was surprised as hell. I also noticed that Emile looked super awkward on stage. I'm sure he's never seen what it's like to be a well-known, well-liked musician on stage with their adoring fans singing along, standing, screaming, and crying out their name. It's definitely different than what he's used to, to a certain degree. You can tell that he was tripping out at the sight. It was rather cute.

If you can catch Eddie Vedder on tour - do it!

*thank you to my friend geoff who took the pictures!

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