Monday, March 07, 2011

Crazy Charlie

Is Charlie Sheen crazy or is he putting together a carefully crafted plan?
Or is it a little bit of both.

I can't help but view everything and anything that has to do with Charlie Sheen. Like everyone out there is saying, "it's like moths to a fire," or is it light? I've never been good at remembering those sayings - ask the hubby.

I now follow him on twitter on (@charliesheen) and while some of his tweets are interesting, they're mostly something to skim through.  Rumor goes that he's getting paid something decent for his tweets, but I don't see too much product placement besides his own endeavors.

His interviews are starting to sound alike and no new information is really coming out of his mouth except for some new vocabulary words that will look great on t-shirts and bumper stickers. He has thousands of viewers on his U-stream channel and those thousands are hanging on his every word/move. You do have to hang it to the guy, he knows how to keep everyone salivating, waiting for his next move.

With Charlie now officially receiving his "pink slip" from CBS, we should see some sort of a response that mentions trolls or some galaxy far, far away.

There are people badmouthing Charlie, saying Charlie needs help or rooting him along. I'm enjoying this media circus and I like Charlie Sheen a lot more now then I did before. I barely watched Two and a Half Men, so I can't reallly comment on that, but I do hope Charlie gets another show and that he comes out of this relatively unscathed.

He says what he wants to say and what he believes.

I'd like him around in the future.

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