Thursday, February 03, 2011

Interpol at Rimac Arena 02/02/2011

I have officially mourned the loss of my Twenties.

My hubby and I walked in and went straight to the bleacher seats.
I've been to countless concerts at Rimac and have never sat down.

I was sad for a whole 15 minutes, than Interpol came on.

Interpol was energetic and engaging. They started and ended with their "hits".
They all started with their suits, but didn't end in their suits. I didn't like that. I think part of their appeal is the suits.

Rimac wasn't at capacity, which surprised me. They usually have a larger draw.

They played for close to an hour and a half and the crowd was into it, for the most part.

Some were too cool for school, like the normal San Diego fan.

The hubby and I were talking about the encore. I mean, is it even necessary anymore.
Everyone knows to expect it, everyone knows that they don't have to make that much noise to make it happen. I'd prefer a longer straight through concert than the obligatory, make some noise so they come back out.

Musicians, do you really enjoy the encore?

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