Friday, May 02, 2008

Cut Copy at Red Bull Air Race Terminal 05/01/08

Excited to head out and listen to some good music for FREE, we went out to the Terminal and arrived around 8:40ish. I was expecting it to be a little full, but nope, it wasn't. It was cozy, but it wasn't packed. They had 21+ sections where they were serving Beer and Red Bull mixed drinks and the place was decked out in Red Bull attire, including 21 year old stewardess'. Ok, maybe they weren't all 21, but they seemed like they were. :)

They had a DJ spinning and I have to agree with Cat Dirt, he was old. hahaha Cut Copy took the stage at around 9pm, not 8:40, like I was told (Sorry) and they did a great job. They had the kids dancing and clapping. Yes, clapping is totally in. I was impressed that such a small crowd had such energy, especially in San Diego. I've noticed that San Diego crowds tend to be a little subdued, so it was a refresher. OR maybe it was all the under 21 kids hopped up on Red Bull? Nah, I hope not. It was definitely a dance dance feel, but it felt so good. It was happy, well, at least I was happy. And I kept thinking New Order, Pet Shop Boys while listening to them. I really like the lead singer's voice even though at first it was pretty low and hard to hear. Thank goodness sound took care of that issue.

If you get a chance to see Cut Copy, I suggest you go. It'll make you feel all happy and warm inside to dance to music that borders from rock to electronic and back again. And the band gets into it and tries to get the crowd into it. I'm sure the crowd doesn't always need help in figuring out when to go crazy, but I guess sometimes people don't get it.

I didn't like that they had all the little girls on stage dancing. It annoyed me. I felt like it took away from the band in the sense that at the end, this girl gets up there, thinking she's all cool and looks like a complete idiot, lost on stage. Strange.

p.s. I like Cat Dirt's Review better!


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