Monday, June 04, 2007

Fifty on Their Heels, Teenage Talking Cars, Chief Death Rage @ Tower Bar 06 02/07 Review

I had so much fun at the Tower Bar on Saturday night. I had never been there and I'm glad we finally made the trek. The drinks were cheap and quite delicious, the music was loud and full of energy and The Toxic Avenger was playing in the background. What more could I have asked for?

We showed up a little after Chief Death Rage, from Denton, Texas, started to play. Can I tell you how awesome they are? At first I was a little put off by the loudness of the band. I think I might have sustained some hearing damage, but after I got use to the sound volume, I saw the light. They reminded me a lot of Ministry. They were pretty dark and hardcore. And they packed a lot of punch for being a 3-piece. So are two of them twins? I tried to really check them out without checking them out,but I couldn't tell. I didn't want to get all stalker on them! I couldn't make out a lot of the lyrics, but I was enthralled with the music and the playing. The drummer, also the singer, had no kick drum! I loved it. He stood up most of the time, if not all of the time while singing/playing. Now that I think of it, I don't think he even had a stool out there. Hmmm. Anyone confirm that? The sound was a bit muddy,and I don't know if that was a combination of the place and the instruments, but it didn't stop me from buying their record. $5? No problem. It's all about supporting touring bands. You want them to keep coming back.

After another drink, we were ready for Teenage Talking Cars from Los Angeles. Before I get into that, can I say that I love the bartenders at the Tower Bar! I didn't really have to wait for a drink and they were all about service. I think we tipped them more than our drinks cost because we were so damn happy with the service!

I had never seen this band and some were surprised that I hadn't. I'm glad I finally caught them. They're a four piece with this energy/vibe to them that put a smile on my face. They wanted to be there; they wanted to play. I loved the drummer. She was beating the shit out of the drums and she was singing along to some of the songs. I loved the non-vocal communication going on between the band. It was a mixture of hand signals and facial expressions. The lead singer was always trying to talk to the audience, trying to get them to participate. I dug her voice and I dug the guitars and the bass. They had some strange sounds coming out of their equipment, but they were all well-placed. Their songs were short and sweet and non-stop. My jaw dropped at the very end of their set. They did the unexpected, in my eyes at least. The drummer and the guitarist did this matador and bull dance, right out of the bull ring. He jumped on top of the kick drum, jumped off, the whole time making faces at the drummer. She looked scared, but excited. He walked backwards into the crowd and runs, full steam ahead into the drummer and the drum set, knocking her down and knocking the drum set to pieces. It was CRAZY! I couldn't believe they did that. And then reality set it. They were using Nick's drum set. Luckilly, the show went on and the drum set was not harmed. CRAZY!

Fifty came on and didn't disappoint. Junior and Co set-up so they were super close to the audience - just the way he likes it. They played a great set. Justin took off his shirt and I could've sworn I heard someone yell out their devotion to him! Junior had some mic troubles of the "limp" kind. It just wouldn't stay in place. He of course had some great helpers that would help him "readjust" his mic when it needed it. And Nick took off his ever-present shades while he was playing. The crowd was very responsive and into it. People were bouncing around, singing along and drinking the night away. It was a late show, but it didn't feel like it at all. I snuck away after I bought their 7" and said my goodbyes as I was tired and a bit buzzed. :)

They had their new 7" available for sale for only $5 or $3 or I don't remember. I bought two because I hate it when I lose something I love and now I have a replacement, just in case. The artwork is cool and the quality of the vinyl is good as well. It's definitely a great buy. You can buy it at Record City and Taang! Records, which are both located in Hillcrest.

All in all - a great night filled with great music and friends. Loved it!

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